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Issues 6/12/2017
(Don’t) Come to the Cabaret Alt-Right showtime with Milo Yiannopoulos | Le Montage, Sydney 5.12.17
by Charles Purcell
That well-known right wing battle cry of ‘You Can’t Stop The Music’ plays on the speakers as we wait for Milo.. the mood of the room is less Lilyfield 2017 and more Munich Beer Hall 1923.
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Issues 03/11/17
Finding beauty in the bleakest of places A conversation with Moo Baulch about women, men and domestic violence
by Sonya Voumard
One in three Australian women experience physical violence in their lifetime, according to the ABS. On average, one woman a week is killed by a partner or ex-partner.
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Issues 15/11/17
True Blood Vegan activism in downtown Sydney
by Jack Cameron Stanton
“I glanced back at the closest screen and watched an abattoir worker murder a cow with a hammer.”
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Issues 21/11/2017
Trance Pray Phone Draw Commuter sketches
by Rocco Fazzari
An artist's phone drawings of his fellow train riders reveals a contemporary intimacy with strangers.
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Rough Sleeper A Letter from London
by Will Self
A new season of woe bites deep into the wanting flesh of the city's poor.
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Issues 16/11/17
No Free Rides oBikes, Reddy-Go and sharing but not caring
by Matilda Gould
Their business is based on sharing, but are share bikes companies playing nicely?
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Issues 6/11/2017
Ben and Tony Hand-holding and world improvements
by Tug Dumbly
I don’t know Ben and Tony’s real names. I call them that because they look like Ben Stiller and Tony Abbott.
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Issues 3/11/2017
The End of the Road An elegy for Parramatta Road
by Nadia Bailey
“They might want to push that redevelopment kind of idea but you've got to have a balance ... they've pushed out the soul of the city.”
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