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Neighbourhood is Australia’s premium outlet for adventurous reporting, inventive criticism and free-form passionate journalism.

We’ve evolved as a new kind of newspaper for changing times – and a new kind of readership: a micro-niche monthly publication, geo-targeted to reach a select metropolitan Sydney demographic across the inner east, inner city and inner west.

Here Neighbourhood serves the most culturally engaged, socially aware and concentrated creative market in the country – acting locally and thinking globally.

Our audience demands the best writing, thinking and image-making available. We provide – with a little extra electricity and originality wherever possible.

Our print edition is hand-delivered free to over 90,000 homes. With an additional commercial distribution to cinemas, cafes, venues and retail outlets we reach an estimated readership of 450,000.

In print form we publish hard news, investigative features, memoir, essays and opinion, along with photojournalism, graphic reportage, satire, travel and poetry.

We extend this vision online at neighbourhoodpaper.com with podcasts, filmed content, playlists, photo essays and animation.

While our newspaper anchors us in the neighbourhood with an authentic presence, our website and social platforms connect us to a like-minded audience nationally and internationally.

We appeal to a ‘state-of-mind’ as much as any geo-targeted focus. And see ourselves as part of the future for quality media globally.

Welcome to the Neighbourhood.


Neighbourhood Paper

24/151 Foveaux Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010 Australia

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Jonathan Samway


Mark Mordue

Art Director

Doherty Farrant

Content Production

Nerissa Kavanagh


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