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Features 29/9/2017
The Lost Opera Composer George Dreyfus and the sound of silence
by Angus Smith
In 1969, Opera Australia commissioned Australian composer George Dreyfus to write an original opera. It was never performed. Dreyfus is still campaigning.
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Features 15/9/2017
The Allergic Frontier A case study in video game addiction
by Jack Cameron Stanton
“The veneer of fun erodes over time. When you become sicker, you use more – to detach from reality.”
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Features 11/9/2017
Another Side A conversation with Tanya Plibersek about rock ‘n’ roll, democracy and family car trips
by Sonya Voumard
After 20 years in the job, Tanya Plibersek is not slowing down. Our profile of her, featuring rock ‘n’ roll, Jeremy Corbyn and speculation about a second female Prime Minister.
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Features 1/9/2017
Laser Love The changing faces of the cosmetic surgery business
by Jackie Dent
“When you are injecting someone's face…it's not a trivial thing. Unfortunately the media has trivialised it. You can go on YouTube and Instagram and it looks like a visit to the hairdresser.”
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Features 17/8/2017
The Other Boat People An international labour force we never hear about, but can’t live without
by Ross Duncan
They come by sea, seeking a better life. They sacrifice comfort for our convenience.
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Features 11/8/2017
We Need to Talk About Teenage Sexting I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours
by Min Yi Tan
"If she says no, he’ll wait a bit...until she says yes."
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Features 21/7/2017
The Queue of Life Maybe there’s more to lining up than being here first
by Sonya Voumard
“Had we taken something we shouldn’t have? The moral dilemma distracted me... But I got over it.”
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Features 5/7/2017
Kill City Face-to-face with Sydney’s gay-bashing gangs
by Rick Feneley
Four years of horror stories – investigations of murders and assaults of homosexual men from Bondi to the Northern Beaches and beyond.
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