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Features 18/1/2018
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter A filmed interview with singer Sam Smith
by Mark Mordue
“Every relationship hurts in a different way.”
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Features 19/01/2018
I Am The Seeker Get yourself slayed by the female masters of music
by Lo Carmen
“My brother’s gift of Betty Davis’s album really encouraged me to search out the unknown, the pioneers, those that ran their own race.”
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Features 6/7/2017
Smashed When someone has to get you out
by Matthew Thompson
Two days after… I’m in the middle of a road, standing off the smoking nose of a wrecked car with a hose ready in case it goes up.
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Features 31/12/2017
The Eve of Distraction A toast to the New Year and the day after
by Colin Gore
“The stories you make up the next day are always better than what actually happened.” - Lester Bangs
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Features 19/12/2017
The Sound of One Hand Clapping Sporting big business has secured $2.5 billion from the NSW Government to rebuild all of Sydney’s major stadiums. The public are not applauding.
by Leon Batchelor
Moore Park, Allianz Stadium, ANZ Stadium, Alan Jones, the SCG Trust… it’s a complicated game.
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Features 30/11/17
Farewell, Olympia Memories of a milkbar on Parramatta Road
by Madelaine Lucas
Every childhood deserves a Boo Radley house and the Olympia Milkbar was mine...
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Features 7/12/2017
Love Sick Intimacy and the American President
by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
The cultural capacity for love can be lost. Donald Trump is a harbinger for this lack of empathy and intimacy, a society unable to feel.
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Features 28/11/17
Maybe I’m Amazed A new appreciation for Paul McCartney
by James Bradley
Is it possible to tell a rather different story about Paul McCartney’s life after the Beatles? A story of creative endurance and often unrecognised inventiveness and influence?
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Features 26/11/2017
Stealing Home Base The cinema alternative to ‘Netflix and chill’
by Lynden Barber
Palace Cinemas slogan is “cinema reimagined”. But can the experience of attending films at a theatre be reimagined by arthouse chains like Palace and Dendy? Or has video streaming scored the last home run?
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Features 24/11/2017
The Invisible Men Manus Island
by Matthew Abbott
After four years in detention these men are tired and at breaking point.
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Features 15/11/2017
Love is in the Air 61.6%
by Mark Mordue
Emotional gatherings occurred across Australia to hear the outcome of the marriage equality plebiscite.
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Features 31/10/2017
Street Fighting Man Lanz Priestly was the leader of the Martin Place occupation by the homeless of Sydney. He’s ready for the next battle.
by Mick Daley
“Today I wonder just how different people who are renting are from people who are homeless.”
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