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Features 7/12/2017
Love Sick Intimacy and the American President
by Antonella Gambotto-Burke
The cultural capacity for love can be lost. Donald Trump is a harbinger for this lack of empathy and intimacy, a society unable to feel.
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Features 28/11/17
Maybe I’m Amazed A new appreciation for Paul McCartney
by James Bradley
Is it possible to tell a rather different story about Paul McCartney’s life after the Beatles? A story of creative endurance and often unrecognised inventiveness and influence?
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Features 26/11/2017
Stealing Home Base The cinema alternative to ‘Netflix and chill’
by Lynden Barber
Palace Cinemas slogan is “cinema reimagined”. But can the experience of attending films at a theatre be reimagined by arthouse chains like Palace and Dendy? Or has video streaming scored the last home run?
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Features 24/11/2017
The Invisible Men Manus Island
by Matthew Abbott
After four years in detention these men are tired and at breaking point.
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Features 15/11/2017
Love is in the Air 61.6%
by Mark Mordue
Emotional gatherings occurred across Australia to hear the outcome of the marriage equality plebiscite.
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Features 31/10/2017
Street Fighting Man Lanz Priestly was the leader of the Martin Place occupation by the homeless of Sydney. He’s ready for the next battle.
by Mick Daley
“Today I wonder just how different people who are renting are from people who are homeless.”
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Features 3/11/2017
The Horses Swimming with champions
by Tom Patterson
On land the rider is master and the horse is servant. But in the water with the rider up front like a bowsprit they look much more as one; it’s almost intimate.
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Features 12/10/2017
Down By Law Julian Assange on English twats, tweets from Trump, and Hillary Clinton
by Ross Duncan
“It’s about newsworthiness when we’re talking about publication, and newsworthiness is pretty much ‘of interest to the public’ not ‘of public interest’" – Julian Assange
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