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Text: Ned Collette

Ned Collette’s new double album Old Chestnut is out now on It Records. Here he provides us with a playlist of the music that has been inspiring him, from Trabaci and Victor Jara to Joe Talia and Robert Wyatt. Ned first established himself in Melbourne before relocating to Europe where he has written beautifully for us on life in Berlin. He is back in Australia touring – and launches Old Chestnut in a duo with pianist Chris Abrahams on September 15 at Lamps – Hibernian House, Sydney. Not to be missed.



Giovanni Maria TrabaciToccate: Consonanze Stravaganti
Trabaci. Introduced to me by my studio-mate Jon Heilbron, because I wanted to open with Valentini’s Sonata in G minor but the second half of that sucks.

Victor JaraManifesto
The whole playlist could have been Victor Jara. Get as much as you can. Devastating.

The Mad LadsI Want A Girl
A somewhat questionable sentiment, but you know, maybe for some guys just wanting a girl like your mum is simply calling a spade a spade. And the vibe is killer.

We played a gig with these four gals from Pamplona/Iruña recently. We were in the Pyrenees. I’ve always wanted to wander in the Pyrenees. Tough, groovy, and their bass player has great moves.

Michael BeachMountains + Valleys
Mike Beach is one of my favourite songwriters, and every album he does just lands higher and higher, lyrically. Of course he’s not as popular as all the fashionable rockers out there, probably because he actually rocks. This is from Golden Theft. He has a funny story about talking to Neil Young on the phone.

Little AnnieDear John
I toured this album playing bass with Little Annie and got to know her and her music. Easily the most fun I’ve ever had backing someone up. She’s a powerhouse. And brutally funny.

Jean ConstantinComment Voulez-vous
A piece by Constantin, from one of the all time greats – Truffaut’s film ‘Les 400 Coups’. The second half really gets me pepped up for a big night out.

Ivor CutlerLife In A Scotch Sitting Room #2 Episode 11
Ivor Cutler. He was a lifelong member of the noise abatement society of Britain. Impressive. He was also in the film named ‘Magical Mystery Tour’. Meh.

Aine O’Dwyer Mouthtoum
I was introduced to the wonderful music of Aine O’Dwyer by Mark Harwood, who runs Penultimate Press and carries on. Dadadadada. This one isn’t on his label, but it is on this streaming service.

Saga De Ragnar LodbrockLe Temps Des Géants
French Viking prog. What’s not to like?

AktualaEcho Raga
This was a random discovery playing on the stereo between sets at a James Rushford gig I went to. Actually it was Ora Clementi – his duo with Crys Cole – and maybe Crys had put it on.

Sibylle BaierThe End
This one’s from an album that everyone discovered when it was found and reissued back in 2006. It’s only been recently though, when my partner got into it, that I’ve realised how deep and sophisticated it really is.

L’orchestra De La Suisse RomandeVivaldi Concerto in D Minor For Bassoon String Orchestra and Harpsichord RV 481: II. Larghetto
So Vivaldi isn’t normally my go to for Baroque composers, but I love this piece and this particular movement and recording. The bassoon. Brutal. Pasolini used this in ‘Mama Roma’ I think.

Laurence CraneFour Miniatures: IV. Soft
I love everything I’ve heard of Laurence Crane’s work. I read something about him coming out of the Manchester band or electronic scene, and somehow this makes sense in context of the form and movement of his pieces. Though actually not so much in this one. Beautiful writing and scoring.

Victor JaraEl Pimiento
More Victor. All of it is heartbreaking. His story is too. Fucking Pinochet USA.

Joe TaliaClouded Night Pt. 2
Joe Talia ladies and gentleman! The whole second side of his new album ‘Tint’.

Sir John BetjemanA Russell Flint
Like a heterosexual Uncle Monty.

Fairport ConventionA Sailor’s Life
Good jam.

Kourosh YaghmaeiGole Yakh
This is like if ‘While My Guitar Gently Weeps’ was as good as everyone says it is.

Robert WyattAt Last I Am Free
My hero, doing Chic.


Ned Collette


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