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Culture 8/9/2017
Where the Wild Things Are Sydney Contemporary at Carriageworks
by Mark Mordue
At Sydney Contemporary art fair the visiting curators are living artworks themselves: suave dynamos, aesthetic eccentrics and corporate reflections of the artists they represent.
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Marginalia Shaun Prescott’s ‘The Town’
by Alex Tighe
“The people in the town lived as if they would never die, but they were not heroic or foolish like in books and music. They were only there.”
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Culture 5/9/2017
Finding Another Register Albert Namatjira’s copyright
by Martin Edmond
The campaign to buy back the rights to an artist’s work.
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Culture 31/8/2017
A Sound Which Never Existed Electronic journeys with Albrecht La’Brooy
by Drew Rooke
“We’ve always tried to stay away from a particular sound which already existed...we have always been more interested in creating our own sound that is different and unique.”
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Culture 22/8/2017
Dennis Wilson – Where I Am Is All I Am
by Matthew Thompson
There’s so much expressed in his voice alone: a throaty, lived in, wide open, doomed, great, husky allness.
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Culture 18/8/2017
Unmarked Tracks: August A monthly Australian music column
by Aaron Curran
Unmarked Tracks is a monthly consideration of Australian music that pays particular interest to the sounds of the past that journey into the present, or remain undeservedly confined to the off-road paths.
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Sigur Ros Hordern Pavilion 25.07.17
by Jack Cameron Stanton
The band are gaining in their command of abstracted vocal and musical landscapes.
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Culture 16/8/2017
Swan Lake: Loch na hEala An interview with the choreographer Michael Keegan-Dolan
by Matilda Gould
“To be really upfront with you, I’m not a fan of classical ballet,” he says. “I don’t believe them, I don’t think it’s truth.”
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