Revolutions Shepard Fairey

Text: Justine Landis-Hanley

Shepard Fairey has always had a penchant for revolution. 

His first calling-card, a sticker of Andre the Giant that he tattooed to public spaces around the world, tried to challenge audience’s desire to find meaning in propagandist images when there is none. He designed the cover, bathed in socialist red, for a 2008 British edition of Orwell’s Animal Farm. Shortly after, he anointed the words OBAMA and HOPE in the minds of voters with a single poster.

It follows, then, that Fairey’s interest for political and social upheaval has led him to explore the equally rioting power of music. He’s produced album cover art, citing Led Zeppelin and The Smashing Pumpkins as clients, produced music with his band Noise, and has DJ’d for over 15 years. 

Now, Fairey has brought his love of dissonance and music to Sydney for this year’s VIVID festival. Aptly titled Revolutions, his 16-piece exhibition through showcases large-scale music-themed works printed on wood panels. The exhibition is open 24/7, and admission is free. 

More info on Revolutions here.


‘Bomber’ by Shepard Fairey

‘Megaphone’ by Shepard Fairey

‘Lotus Woman’ by Shepard Fairey


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