Excerpts from a cricketer’s autobiography, ‘My Autobiography’

Text: Jack ‘Bumper’ Marx


On playing in a particular Test Match:

“I’ve played in many Test Matches, and all of them are memorable in their own ways, but of all the memorable Test Matches that I’ve played in it is probably this particular Test Match that stands out as the most memorable for me. The team played well and we deserved the victory, not to mention the many beers we enjoyed after the match.”


On the experience of playing for Australia:

“Every little boy dreams of playing for Australia and I can almost certainly say without a doubt that I was no exception in that regard. It’s a difficult feeling to describe, to be honest. It was just an incredible experience in a lot of respects.”

On playing with a certain cricketer:

“I’ve played with some of the best cricketers and greatest blokes you’d wish to meet, but this certain cricketer was perhaps up there with the best I’ve played with. He was a great cricketer and someone I would most likely regard as probably one of my best mates. I don’t see him as much as I used to, but we still keep in touch and occasionally we’ll meet up and chat over a few beers. I once asked him what kept him going and he said he didn’t know.”


On ‘The Incident’:

“I was there when it happened and I don’t remember it quite as some of the others do. I didn’t think much of it at the time, to be honest, and I was a bit surprised when the media made a big deal of it. I remember some of the blokes weren’t too pleased about it but at the end of the day it was just one of the many ‘incidents’ that happen in the course of the game.”


On falling out with a certain cricketer:

“You can’t have regrets in cricket but I would say that perhaps my falling out with a certain cricketer is most likely one of the biggest regrets of my cricketing career. Looking back I stand by my decision and I blame the so-called media for blowing it out of proportion. We’re still mates and we still get together for a few beers every now and then.”


On the birth of his baby:

“It’s a difficult experience to describe, to be honest. I remember me and a few of the blokes went out for what I’d say was more than a few beers afterwards…”


On being rogered on national television by a unicorn ridden by a drunken Pope:

“Cricket’s a funny old game and sometimes what’s memorable to you is not the same as what’s memorable to everyone else. The so-called media had a field day which was disappointing, to be honest, as it overshadowed a certain cricketer getting a certain score…”


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