Car Seat Headrest Will Toledo, the brains and voice behind Car Seat Headrest

Text: Alex Tighe

Will Toledo, the brains and voice behind Car Seat Headrest, is 24 years old, and last year released his thirteenth album. Teens of Denial is the sound of Will Toledo stumbling into adulthood:

What happened to that chubby little kid who smiled so much and loved the Beach Boys? he sings: What happened is I killed that fucker and I took his name and I got new glasses.

Through those news glasses – sometimes fogged over by drugs, sometimes by depression, always by awkwardness – Will observes the people around him and captures his observations in surgically precise lyrics. But the album isn’t a condemnation of the human race; it is, Will told NEIGHBOURHOOD, an album about “compassion”. Listen to the album review:



Image Credit: Anna Webber, 2016


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